From the Teachers…

One of our teachers once said to me, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!” I recently asked each of them to describe a moment when they were especially happy in their work…

In our morning circle time each day we practice singing “O Canada” so that the students know the words for our Friday chapel services. Recently I commended the seven little Kindergarten boys for their knowledge and strong voices. I told them that they might be the best singers in the whole school. Well, they must have remembered my comment, because last Friday they belted out the words at the top of their lungs, paying no attention to the tempo of the piano or to the rest of the school. It reminded me of a scene from a Mr. Bean episode. It took everything in me (and a few of the other teachers) to stifle our laughter, and to be good examples to the students on how to behave during the singing of our national anthem. That day they really were the best singers in the school! (Mrs. Dickieson)

This week a student approached me during math time and asked to help another student with some work. There was no concern about the fact that there would be more homework because of this. It was an amazing moment of realizing where there was a need and taking initiative to help without prompting; it made me very proud. (Miss Scott)

I love when my students are very eager to pray for each other during morning devotions. They are always very respectful and demonstrate their care for one another by volunteering to pray for a classmate. I feel honoured to help facilitate these times of worship. (Miss Kipp)

When a new project is introduced and while working on it the students start getting excited about it and begin coming up with suggestions to add to it so it could be more effective. We then collaborate our ideas and through this they choose to make it their own. After all the hard work is finished and the students are sharing what they’ve invested time and energy into then all of a sudden their sweet, beautiful faces honestly show how much they are truly enjoying what they have learned. That is the moment that makes me happy in my work here at ICS. (Mrs. Wilting)

There are lots of times but the one that comes to mind was this week when the grades one to three were singing together for our devotion time and I was watching some of the students as they joyfully sang with lots of movement and expression… I love watching genuine joy on their faces.(Mrs. Anderson)

Okay…and one just happened now…I’m sitting here at 3:10 and Levi comes back into school because he forgot something and he says to me “Mrs Anderson, what are you STILL doing here?” ………cute!! (Mrs. Anderson)

I was delighted in my work when we spent an entire month working on a Shakespeare play, and the students were so absorbed in what they were doing that not once did anybody ask how they were being graded! (Mrs. Mawhinney)

I was also delighted when I told the students (who were skeptical) that there was nothing they needed to know about algebra that I couldn’t teach them in 10 minutes – and 10 minutes later, they looked at each other and said with surprise (and relief!) “Wow! That was easy!” (Mrs. Mawhinney)

I love seeing the light that comes on in their eyes when my students make a connection to what we have learned in class to the world around them. While taking a walk with my students, we were looking for examples of what we have learned about trees. The students loved collecting all sorts of ‘treasures’ along the way and I loved overhearing their discussions and songs about trees, leaves, and photosynthesis. They were so excited to share with anyone in listening range what they learned and I was impressed with how much they remembered from class ( they have learned a lot of big words!). It was great to see how excited they were to see a leaf changing colour and to be able to tell why that was happening. (Miss ten Brink)

On bright, sunny days, wandering around the recess yard, I’ll sometimes stop and close my eyes, thinking that I’m feeling just a hint of our Father’s pleasure in His children… the warm sunshine on bright faces, with the giggles of happy play…. (Mr. Mann)