When we pray…

“When we work, we work. When we pray, God works.”
– Hudson Taylor

No successful church, school, or family has ever been created or sustained without prayer. All human institutions are inherently fragile: one doesn’t have to live very long before witnessing or experiencing in them some painful strife or division. The only chance we have to make our homes healthy, our churches united, and our school truly successful is by spending considerable periods of time in prayer. I must say I have always considered it fairly mysterious that God would choose to bless us only after we ask Him. He often (but not always) holds off blessing us until we ask. Why wouldn’t He in His goodness and wisdom just automatically work for the growth of His kingdom at all times, regardless of whether people are praying or not? Isn’t it Hiskingdom? Well, He chooses to wait for us, and I believe that it’s because He genuinely wants to empower us.

Ironically, when we are frenetically busy with our many projects and plans, giving nary a thought to prayer, we accomplish very little. Or we even see our hopes dashed. But when we cease from our harried pace and settle down to ask God’s blessing, we finally start accomplishing things. He empowers us. What a marvellous and gracious thing to be permitted to join in God’s work, to be His very body on this earth! One of my prayers is that we at Immanuel will all grow in prayer, and that our meetings and community life will be characterized by a noticeable conviction about our dependency on God.

  • Pray for Immanuel with your children. Encourage them to pray for their teachers. Lead them in praying for any students with whom they haven’t been getting along.
  • In your personal prayers, ask God to guide the staff, committees, and board.
  • Pray that God would raise up godly and talented people to serve as new board members.
  • Ask Him to guide the school, that we may year-by-year become ever more successful in fulfilling our purpose.
  • Consider committing to meet at the school with me for a regular parents’ prayer meeting. I would be delighted to book some time each week to join with you in this.