Leading Children

What matters most? Why are we really here as a school? What’s our measurement of success?

Schools will answer those questions differently. The easy answer is to say that learning matters most… we’re here to give an excellent education… we’re successful if our students get good scholarships and good jobs.

Well, those pat answers don’t satisfy us here at Immanuel. The teachers and I are engaged right now in a challenging conversation about our real purpose, and our answers are getting more and more defined around discipleship. Our mission is to provide an excellent, Christ-centred education so that our children can be equipped for life-long following of Jesus. That has some significant implications:

  • We don’t just teach the Bible as dry narrative to be learned in a factual way.
  • We don’t reduce the Christian life to mere action… “just do the right things, and then you’ll be good boys and girls.”
  • It’s not good enough just to have parents and teachers who follow Jesus; discipleship is a personal decision and relationship.
  • Passively sitting there in church and in Christian school isn’t the Christian life.

It also means that we as school leaders seek to create an environment where personal following and discipleship is discussed and honoured. We’re working right now at thinking of even more practical, concrete ways to do that, and we’d love to hear your ideas!