High School

Grades 9-12

The new ICS high school has been designed to foster innovative approaches to education. This is woven throughout the fabric of the high school, from the way the space is designed to the curriculum and culture. The learning spaces created for the new high school support an inquiry-based learning that was part of the distinct vision for these upper grades.

Our goal is to have a culture, curriculum, and methodology that are thoroughly Christ-centred and academically vigorous, that excite students’ interest and involvement, cultivate their curiosity and encourage questions, and engage their active participation in the process and their application of what they are learning. We encourage collaborative work and healthy engagement with their peers and their community. And we intentionally foster a culture to enable our students to learn to allow themselves to make and constructively learn from mistakes.

The high school curriculum and course structure follow the public school sequence and nomenclature. We use a mixture of curriculum content based on where we see strengths for a particular subject. This includes resources from the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS), the province’s public system, and other locations. ICS teachers are passionate about the mix of approaches they are using to engage students in new ways. Students are experiencing first-hand innovative pedagogy focusing on curiosity, small groups, a flexible work environment, and exploration of Christian worldviews.

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