Early Years


Kindergarten Goals

At Immanuel, we believe that kindergarten should be an exciting place where each child experiences real growth in every aspect of being. Our unique program includes a wide range of dynamic activities and resources chosen to give children very strong foundations for grade school. Our student-teacher ratio is among the smallest on the island. We are also very unique in offering an optional part-time program, which we believe to be appropriate and sensitive to children’s needs for rest and play. We believe that young children are best served by a part-time program with high-quality teaching in small class sizes. Our carefully-chosen hours reflect our belief that children need a healthy balance between school life and home life.

Our school prospectus, available by request, outlines the key goals we have for this stage of learning. They cover the full range of who children are; for example:

  • Spiritually, we seek to encourage an understanding of God’s love.
  • Socially, we seek to guide the child in sharing ideas, listening to others, and respecting the opinions and belongings of others.
  • Intellectually, we seek to develop a love of words, books, and stories.
  • Emotionally, we seek to teach each child that he or she is a unique and special person, created in the image of God.
  • Physically, we seek to provide many opportunities for development of large and small muscles.

Our play-based curriculum covers Bible, math, social/science studies, language arts, physical education, art, and music. We believe that play is a necessary part of the child’s total development; it is, as some put it, the work of young children. Through active play, they learn a great deal about God’s world and how to relate to it. Play promotes independence, discovery, and creativity, as well as language development and communication skills. Sharing and cooperation are an element of play that influences social and emotional development. We recognize, too, the importance of outdoor play and provide appropriate time through the day for this.

We would love for you to drop by and visit Mrs. Dickieson, our kindergarten teacher.

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