Grade School



At Immanuel, we love to sing, draw, dance, act, and paint! All of our students study music, and choir begins with our youngest grades. Children learn the recorder, ukulele, and percussion in their elementary years, and progress to the full concert band beginning in grade 6.

We also host an annual arts festival, a Shakespeare festival, a talent show, and many special musical assemblies throughout the year.

We have a comprehensive visual arts curriculum that relates art, its appreciation and skills to our relationship to God and His Word. It is designed to stimulate confidence in the ability to be creative by requiring students to increasingly make attainable choices appropriate to their development. Students develop listening skills, observation skills, following directions, depth and colour perceptions, eye-hand coordination, stretching already acquired skills, using many different media, and exercising problem-solving skills.

We believe that art class should transcend ‘busy work’ and crafts. This is a solid art instruction¬Ě program, covering basic art concepts and art history.

Junior Kindergarten
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