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Covid-19 Rules

6 Important Reminders for Parents About Back to School

1. At drop-off, please follow the traffic arrows and wait until you can pull up to the back gate before allowing your child(ren) out of the vehicle. High School students can proceed through the High School external door and Elementary students can go to their designated playground areas. Junior Kindergarten parents may park and bring their child into the building through the front door of the school. Our teachers will be outside helping to guide and supervise on Tuesday.

Remember that drop-off is from 8:15am-8:30am. If you are late for drop-off, please contact the office.

At pick up, the Elementary students will be outside at the front of the building in their classes. Please park in our parking lot and wait for yourchild(ren). Students in grades 4 and under need permission from the duty teacher to leave. You may come out of your vehicle and stand beside it but we ask that you do not come to the front area, unless your child is in Junior Kindergarten.

2. Please review proper hand washing practices with your child(ren). Students will be washing their hands frequently throughout the day. We are grateful for many new sinks throughout the school to help facilitate this!

3. We have four cohorts in the school – JK/SK, Gr. 1-4, Gr. 5-8 and High School. Cohorts will have minimal contact with one another during the school day.

Recess times will be staggered for the upstairs and downstairs Elementary cohorts.

Students should bring a water bottle to school. They can fill these up at our water bottle stations.

4. While masks are generally not mandatory, every student should have a mask with them at school. High School students will need to wear masks when in the kitchen for Food and Nutrition, and students should wear masks for emergency procedures, such as fire drills. Students delivering milk at lunch should also wear a mask. We do understand that some students will be wearing masks during the day and others will choose not to. We ask that you please have a conversation with your child(ren) about masks and respecting each family’s choices.

5. Our front office area is open for a limited amount of visitors, with the rest of the school generally closed to visitors, except on a case by case basis. We look forward to welcoming volunteers once the school year gets going. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to us! At this time, we do have an immediate need for volunteers willing to wash and sanitize toys for JK/SK.

6. Please pre-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before school each day. Students should stay home if they are unwell and can return to school when they are symptom free. While students will not be sent home if they have one symptom at school, we do ask that you check for multiple symptoms at home before school. If a student needs to be sent home while at school, he/she will need to wear a mask and wait in the designated area in the front office until a parent or emergency contact can pick him/her up. Parents will be advised to call 811 or a family doctor.

March 2023