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Immanuel Christian School was founded in 1985, when a group of parents sought to provide an excellent, Christ-centred education for their children in which children are well-equipped for service in His kingdom. A school society was formed, approved a constitution, established a membership, and elected the first board of directors. Since that time, Immanuel Christian School has gradually grown and established its place in Prince Edward Island.

There were ten students enrolled in the opening year in grades 1-5. From that time until the fall of 2015, the school grew to include Junior Kindergarten through Grade 9. School was housed in various rented facilities, which often hindered further growth, simply by the size of facility. For many years the vision of including Grades 10-12 was cherished and prayed for.

So, it was with tremendous excitement and anticipation that in late 2013, just in time for our thirtieth anniversary, God provided an incredible new facility for us. A very large retail store on 6.5 acres of land was purchased by six school families. With much prayer and trust that God would provide, they partnered with Immanuel, buying the building so the school could lease a large portion of it.

Presented with this large, open space, plans were drawn up to commence the refit – allowing for a tailor-fit to the dreams and innovative plans for the school. Over the next year and a half, building commenced, along with an intensive capital campaign. And in September 2015, Immanuel opened in their new home!

The impact of moving has been tremendous. A new, modern school with ample-sized classrooms has strengthened Immanuel’s ability to offer excellent, Christ-centred education, while providing the school with a strong future. The new space is enabling instructional improvement and enrolment growth, while the spacious property in close proximity to the Confederation Trail, UPEI, and the CARI Complex and with free access to adjacent soccer fields is enriching the school’s program and community life in countless ways.

And growth has continued! In January 2017, a large, bright new gymnasium was opened, serving the school amply while also opening its doors as a rental facility. And finally in Sept 2017, we opened the high school wing, bringing to fruition the long-held dream for a K-12 Christian school!

For the 2022-23 school year we had 190 students, our highest enrolment ever. We offer an excellent student-teacher ratio, with our average class having 17 students. We practice an open admission policy, warmly welcoming students from different faith and cultural backgrounds.

We praise God for His great faithfulness to our school community and look forward what the future holds!

April 2024