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Junior High

Junior High

Grades 6-8

At ICS, we are passionate about helping guide students into being well-balanced individuals, challenging them to strive for their best and teaching them how to make a difference with the gifts that God has given them. Our unique junior high program enables teenagers to learn in a supportive community, grow in their faith, and reach toward their potential.

Junior high students are known for asking challenging and thoughtful questions about their beliefs, the past, or a theme in a book they just read. At ICS, students have the freedom to question, wonder, and explore in all subject areas. Teachers work to equip students to take responsibility for their own learning and to make students aware of how all subjects are applicable to everyday life. Toward that end, each class has daily devotions and prayer time throughout the day and all subjects are taught as windows into God and His world.

Our teachers strive to see our students succeed in all areas of life. This involves pressing toward a high academic standard while endeavouring to teach each at their own academic level. As much as possible, teachers differentiate lesson plans to reach all types of learners. Students are encouraged to develop a deep sense of curiosity and a love of learning and discovery. Students are guided socially, training them to put others’ needs above their own and cultivating willing, generous hearts, teaching them manners and how to interact appropriately with each other. And perhaps most importantly, our teachers care deeply about each student and our students know that they are in a loving and supportive environment.

Curriculum includes:

Math – Saxon Math – excellent, focused, math curriculum puts our students about 1 year ahead of the average public school curriculum.

English – Ongoing study and engagement with poetry; real world non-fiction texts to develop critical thinking and analysis, and to respond to with their own thoughts about trends, current events, historical figures, innovators; Shakespeare – study and prepare/perform a play every other year.

Science – Includes astronomy, flight, structures, genetics, cell structure, disease, taxonomy and other topics as interest arises. We have participated in the Future Cities competition and the PEI Engineers’ Bridge Building Contest.

Social Studies curriculum includes study of Ancient Greece, Middle Ages, Reformation, Renaissance, Canadian history from pioneers to Confederation, and participation in an annual Heritage Fair.

Bible – Curriculum includes church history, overview of the biblical story, the spiritual disciplines, ongoing Bible memory work.

Interactive French class, MusicArt, and Physical Education

June 2024