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Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Program

At Immanuel, we believe that kindergarten should be an exciting place where each child experiences real growth in every aspect of being. Our unique program includes a wide range of dynamic activities and resources chosen to give children very strong foundations for grade school. We are also unique in offering a part-time program, which we believe to be appropriate and sensitive to children’s needs for rest and play and healthy balance between school life and home life.

Our play-based curriculum covers: Bible, math, social/science studies, language arts, physical education, art, music, and French.

The key goals we have for this stage of learning cover the full range of who children are:

  • Spiritually, we seek to encourage an understanding of God’s love.
  • Socially, we seek to guide the child in sharing ideas, listening to others, and respecting the opinions and belongings of others.
  • Intellectually, we seek to develop a love of words, books, and life-long learning.
  • Emotionally, we seek to teach each child that he or she is a unique person and has been specially created by God.
  • Physically, we seek to provide many opportunities for development of large and small muscles.

Ages of Entry

Kindergarten – Age 5 by December 31.

We would love for you to drop by and visit Mrs. Dickieson, our kindergarten teacher.

June 2024