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Odyssey After School

Children want to be loved, accepted, and safe. Odyssey provides all these things along with the blend of structure and free-time they need to grow and be themselves. We offer a variety of activities each day with a simple routine of snack, quiet reading times when children can do homework and take a break from noise, and play time and crafts designed to inspire imagination. The fully equipped school gym and a spacious outdoor area encourage the children to run, play, and stretch out their limbs after sitting at school all day.

The staff work hard to show each child that they are accepted and, most importantly, wanted as part of this community. Staff are experienced in working with youth and diligent to work with parents to ensure that their child has the healthiest experience possible.

Open to children in Kindergarten through Grade 6 and runs from after school until 5:30, following the public school calendar.

Parent endorsement: 

“Our oldest daughter has been attending the Odyssey Club as needed since it started 3 years ago.  It has been a blessing to know every day at work that our daughter is in a safe environment having fun until we can pick her up. I appreciate that the club offers both physical play time as well as the quite time children need after a day of learning. I can easily contact the director of the program via email or phone as needed. We always get updates about the club’s schedule ahead of time. Our daughter has made good friendships in the club and has viewed the staff of the Odyssey program as positive role models in her faith.”   (Tasha and Faber MacDonald)

July 2022
**ICS has experienced a COVID-19 Exposure on February 9, 2022** - COVID 19 RULES: We having been operating as usual for our 2021-22 school year, but please review the following Covid-19 rules in place → Learn More